Uhlmann Price Securities. Building Trust. Building Wealth.

Uhlmann Price Securities, LLC is a full service, privately-owned brokerage firm located in Chicago, Illinois. The company offers a wide range of investment products and services tailored to meet the needs of its private client and institutional clientele.

The company is owned and managed by a dedicated group of professionals with extensive industry experience in asset management, portfolio consulting, equities and fixed income products, alternative investments, trading and financial firm management.

Uhlmann Price Securities’ clients enjoy the value-added benefits that our team of associated companies offer under Price Holdings, Inc., an employee-owned financial services firm. Through this structure, we offer clients an additional selection of alternative investments, including investments in managed futures accounts. The PRICE Futures Group offers expertise in futures hedging and speculation.

With a solid history of offering clients quality traditional portfolio services, Uhlmann Price has also developed a unique and specialized concentration in alternative investments to provide appropriate asset allocation and meet the growing demand of our clients. These include such products as managed futures and commodity index funds, as well as absolute strategy and structured note products. Due to our belief in the merits of the commodity asset class, Uhlmann Price has been a primary marketing agent for retail and institutional strategies based on the Rogers International Commodity Index®. Jim Rogers, creator of the Rogers International Commodity Index® and renowned investor, is also the co-founder of the Quantum Fund. Our involvement with Mr. Rogers and the RICI® based products has enhanced our reputation and prominence in the futures industry.