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Jim Rogers - Rogers International Commodity Index® (RICI®)

Intermediary Services

Rogers Raw
Materials Fund

RICI® Linked - PAM
Advisors Fund




Intermediary Services

Uhlmann Price Securities, LLC, through our Alternative Investments Services Division, provides support to investment professionals, broker-dealers, financial planning organizations and other intermediaries by providing a suite of intelligent and alternative, non-correlated and specialty products designed to complement investors’ conventional asset allocation strategies. Currently we work with more than 60 broker-dealers.

The products we offer include:

• Single-Manager Futures Funds
• Multi-Manager Futures Funds
• Commodity Funds

• Index-Based Products
• Structured Notes

Uhlmann Price Securities is proud to be the lead selling agent for the Rogers International Commodity Index® which includes the following products:

Rogers Raw Materials Fund
RICI® Linked - PAM Advisors Fund


In addition to our investment offerings, our Intermediary Services Division provides the following distribution support services:


• Enhanced Broker Support Services
• Product Development & Management
• Performance Review & Analysis
• Research & Investment Commentary
• Marketing Literature
• Marketing Campaign Development

• Experienced Sales & Marketing Team
• Sales Strategies
• Promotional Support
• Presentation Development
• Broker / Client Educational Services
• Exam Preparation

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Ruth Mignery | AIS Director | (800) 444-7075 | (704) 969-0974

Due to varying regulatory restrictions and suitability requirements, please contact us so that we may determine which products are best-suited to your investment profile and solution needs.