Investment Solutions

Investment Solutions

Uhlmann Price Securities, LLC provides private clients, high net-worth individuals and institutions with access to an extensive array of investment products and value-added services, from equities and fee-based wealth management tools to commodities and hedge funds.

All of the products offered through Uhlmann Price Securities are designed to meet the varying needs of both our private, institutional, and intermediary clients.  Test

Our product and service offerings may be applied as a complete, balanced portfolio solution — or as individual components to support your existing investment objectives. Our extensive investment product line provides access to a variety of asset classes including:

• Fixed Income
• Equities
• Fee-Based Options
• Structured Notes
• Commodities
• Hedge Funds
• Managed Futures
• Limited Partnerships
• Traditional Mutual Funds
• Commodity-Linked Mutual Funds

We offer advice across a broad range of asset classes including fixed income and cash alternatives, management of global equities, and alternative investments including managed futures products and commodity index funds where suitable.

Due to varying regulatory restrictions and suitability requirements, please contact us so that we may determine which products are best-suited to your investment profile and solution needs.