Traditional Investments

Traditional Investments

Uhlmann Price Securities, LLC offers a broad variety of traditional investments, fee-based wealth management tools, and managed products.

Through a long-standing clearing agreement, Uhlmann Price Securities, LLC provides clients with clearing services through RBC Clearing & Custody is a division of RBC Capital Markets, LLC, member NYSE/FINRA/SIPC. RBC Capital Markets, LLC, is a member of the NYSE, AMEX, CHX, CBOE and PSE and has execution capabilities on all principal exchanges. RBC Capital Markets, LLC is a wholly-owned indirect subsidiary of Royal Bank of Canada, which trades under the symbol RY on the New York Stock Exchange.


The stock market can seem intimidating to many.  So many to companies choose from.  So much research to pour through. Which ones are right for you?  The advisors at Uhlmann Price Securities can help narrow the field and customize a stock portfolio that fits your  planned objectives and risk tolerance.  By working one-on-one with you and gathering information they can create your personal risk profile and help you manage your hard earned assets in a way that will keep you sleeping at night.

Uhlmann Price has many types of equity products for your investing needs including,

• Stocks
• Options
• Mutual Funds
• Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
• Unit Investment Trusts (UITs)
• Variable Annuities
• Venture Capital
• Private Equity
• Real Estate
• Business Development Companies (BDCs)

Fixed Income Products

There are a variety of bonds available, so there’s something to suit almost any investor. As a category, bonds are included in virtually every asset allocation model out there. After all, bonds may reduce volatility, help preserve principal, increase cash flow, and help fund future cash needs.

We offer an extensive fixed income product line including:

• Government & Agency Securities
• Municipal & Corporate Bonds
• Structured Notes
• Preferreds
• Mortgage – Backed Securities
• Insured Certificates of Deposit
• Unit Investment Trusts

In today’s increasingly complicated investment environment, there are many important considerations on how to best access the fixed income markets and whether to choose individual bonds or bond funds. Please contact us to learn more.

Cash Management Tools

Cash management can be cumbersome. If you have multiple accounts, you probably have more paperwork – and are incurring more expenses – than is necessary.

Our cash management programs can help you meet your needs – efficiently and affordably. We offer the following service plans:

 Investment Access® Account – Provides comprehensive cash management and investment services.
 Automated Clearinghouse (ACH) – Allows for direct transfers and systematic investments.
 Dividend Reinvestment Program – Provides for automatic dividend reinvestment to help build your equity holdings.

As well as on-line account viewing, ready access to cash through check writing, ATMs & Visa Gold, and eight different cash money market fund options.

Account Types

One Single Simple Fee. Your ability to trade or invest won’t be hampered by transaction expenses because you’ll pay just one annual fee, based on your account’s value. This arrangement ensures that we all share the same goal: The successful growth of your investment portfolio.

We offer comprehensive traditional investment solutions through three fee-based programs:

• Resource II An individual investment program that utilizes select professional money managers.
• Total Strategy Account Allows clients to bring their investments together in one account, including money managers, mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds.
• Advisor® Gives you access to mutual funds and an asset allocation tool in a fee-based wrap program that creates a customized portfolio of funds that matches your investment style.

For More Information

Alan Konn | Executive Vice President | Senior Portfolio Manager | (800) 444-7075 | (312) 264-4340

Due to varying regulatory restrictions and suitability requirements, please contact us so that we may determine which products are best-suited to your investment profile and solution needs.