Alternative Investments

Alternative Investments

Uhlmann Price Securities, LLC specializes in offering clients added portfolio diversification opportunities through a variety of alternative investments products.

Alternative investments represent an asset class, or skill-based strategy, that has the potential to provide returns that are not correlated to traditional stock and bond returns or economic cycles. The advantage of non-correlated investments is that when added to a traditional portfolio they potentially can increase overall portfolio returns while reducing risk. Such investments are generally managed by investment professionals who specialize in a specific sector or style. Examples include asset classes such as commodities and real estate, or skill-based money management found in managed futures, business development companies (BDCs), and hedge funds.

Managed Futures and Commodities

Looking to diversify your portfolio into futures and commodities?

Many investors seek to diversify and balance their portfolios by investing with professional money managers that utilize the futures markets for a portion of their overall asset allocation. In addition, investor interest in commodities has increased significantly in recent years, driven mainly by increased globalization and the potential for inflation. Investors have the opportunity to achieve the diversification qualities offered by managed futures and or long-only commodities in relatively liquid investment strategies.

Uhlmann Price Securities, LLC offers investors unique insights to these asset classes and is familiar with a variety of investment structures such as mutual funds, ETFs, ETNs and/or private funds designed to achieve exposure.

Hedge Fund Strategies

You may wish to consider alternative investments such as hedge funds. Institutional investors and wealthy individuals have long been interested in hedge funds as alternative investments to traditional portfolios of assets.

Traditionally, Hedge Funds were generally regarded as private investment vehicles for qualified individuals or institutional investors. Although many are still  organized as limited partnerships, in which the investors are limited partners and the managers are general partners; many such strategies are now available in publicly traded mutual funds There are a variety of hedge fund styles available to qualified investors including Merger Arbitrage, Long/Short Equity, Global Macro, Merger Arbitrage, and Emerging Markets.

Our alternative investments specialists will be pleased to assist you with a thorough and independent review to ensure that these investments are appropriate and offer suggestions which meet your investment portfolio needs.

Private Equity

For accredited investors, Uhlmann Price offers various investments in Private Equity opportunities.  Private equity is an asset class consisting of equity securities and debt in operating companies that are not publicly traded on a listed stock exchange. A private equity investment will generally be made by a private equity firm, a family office or an angel investor.

Venture Capital

Where appropriate, clients may choose to have a portion of their portfolio invested in Venture Capital.  After thorough due diligence by our experienced investment committee, Uhlmann Price has established relationships with select venture capital firms to offer their investment opportunities to our Accredited and qualified clients.  In the past our clients have been able to gain exposure to investments in technology, biotech and alternative energy to name a few.

Real Estate

Many portfolios call for a certain allocation to real Estate.  Uhlmann Price has a broad scope of solutions to add this critical asset class to your portfolio generally both publicly traded and non-public investment vehicles usually structured as Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT).

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